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We help a lot of note holders in New Jersey as a NJ mortgage buyer. We buy nationwide and New Jersey is one of our best states. We help mortgage note holders sell a NJ mortgage note. As New Jersey mortgage note buyers we help you get top dollar for selling your NJ mortgage note. While many people search for the term “New Jersey mortgage buyers”, you aren’t technically selling a NJ Mortgage. The private New Jersey Mortgage you hold is the security you transfer when selling a NJ mortgage note for its income stream. We are also NJ commercial mortgage note buyers.

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US Mortgage Buyer - Frequently Asked Questions About The Note Buying Process

Individual note holders don’t know about the options they have with their private note or deed of trust. For starters, they can sell it for all cash. Also, they can sell a portion of the note structuring the purchase so the sale accomplishes their specific goals. I get a lot of questions about the process of selling a mortgage note or selling a trust deed so I have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions that might help. Some answers may surprise you. (Please note that my answers are for our company and may not be true for some note buyers.)

Following are some FAQs and answers:

1. Why should I want to sell my note? - The two biggest pluses of selling a note are a) Accessing the cash now for critical investments or expenses and b) Eliminating the hassles of managing the borrower's payments and reporting. (Closings in as little as 10 Days)

2. What determines how much I will receive for my private mortgage note? There are 5 main factors. They are: Equity in the property, seasoning on the note, the interest rate on the note, the time left on the note and lastly the credit of the borrower.

3. Is it necessary to do an appraisal? Yes to determine the value of the security. Sometimes, depending on the real estate market, a Real Estate Broker's opinion will suffice.

4. Will it be necessary to check the borrower's credit? Yes, it is a very important factor in determining the lump sum payment for your private mortgage.

5. How quickly will I receive my lump sum payment for my owner financed mortgage note? Typically 1 to 2 weeks for our company. I can’t speak for others.

6. Do I have to let the buyer know I am selling the note? Yes.

7. Can I sell a note on raw land? Yes, with or without improvements.

8. Can I sell a note on commercial property? Yes.

9. Can I sell a Land Contract? Yes

10. I would like to sell my note payments for some extra cash but I am afraid of loosing all the monthly income? We can make a partial purchase of your mortgage note for just the amount you need.

15. Is there a minimum mortgage size for home note buyers? Ours is $20,000.

16. Can I sell a condo mortgage? Yes.

17. Can I sell a 2nd mortgage? Yes.

18. Can I sell a non performing note or sell a non performing 2nd mortgage? Yes.

Lastly, the key to getting what you want or need is to tell the mortgage buyer exactly what your goals are.

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