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We help a lot of note holders in New York as a NY mortgage buyer. We buy nationwide and New York is one of our best states. We help mortgage note holders sell a NY mortgage note. As New York mortgage note buyers we help you get top dollar for selling your NY mortgage note. While many people search for the term “New York mortgage buyers”, you aren’t technically selling a NY Mortgage. The private New York Mortgage is the security you transfer when selling a New York mortgage note for its income stream.

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US Mortgage Buyer Private Mortgage Note Pricing information.

Interested in a Lump Sum of Cash Now from a friendly, professional mortgage buyer instead of waiting years to receive the money from the sale of your property? U.S. Funding Solutions, Inc., is a national mortgage buyer specializing in buying Owner Financed Mortgage notes as well as Trust Deeds, privately held commercial mortgages and Land Contracts. Here is something that many private mortgage holders don't know. You Can Sell a Portion of Your Mortgage Note Payments as opposed to selling the entire mortgage? Inquire about our Partial Mortgage Purchase Program and find out how you can receive a lump sum of cash now for a portion of your mortgage note or for a predetermined number of future mortgage payments.

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NY mortgage note buyers

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How Does a Private Mortgage Buyer Come Up With The Price They Will Pay Me For My Note?

First, let me state the obvious. If you sold a property via owner financing and are holding the mortgage for the buyer, you have in your custody a valuable, marketable financial instrument. This asset has both a risk and a value (the value of the future income stream) that you can sell to others. Or if you own a home you need to sell, you can offer to owner finance in order to get top dollar for it, sell the home and then you can sell the note you are holding after a little seasoning for all cash.

Unfortunately, many private mortgage buyers cloak the note buying process in mystery. And while every note buyer has differing wants just like a mutual fund would look for different characteristics for stocks in their portfolio, there are 5 main factors that drive the price to be paid for a mortgage. I have listed them below.

These are:

1. The equity the buyer has in the property based on its appraisal, or the lower of the appraisal or purchase price for a new purchase. Many note buyers will only use what is called a BPO or broker pricing opinion from a real estate broker. Higher equity amounts translate to a higher purchase price for the mortgage due to lower risk. (Risk)

2. The length of time the mortgagor has been paying on the mortgage. Here, a mortgage buyer is primarily looking for a solid payment history. They want to see that the note is being paid on time and the longer, the better the price. (Risk)

3. The note's interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the higher the price offered. Note holders should be very aware of this factor for their asset. If, as many experts predict we go into a period of significant inflation due to all the government spending, the value of their note could drop dramatically. (Time value of money.)

4. The amount of time remaining on the note. While this will affect the price, some mortgage buyers like lengthier periods than others. (Time value of money)

5. The borrower's creditworthiness. Many note buyers have established minimum credit scores in order to buy a note. They may also want to review the credit report for mortgage history, recent bankruptcies, etc. (Risk)

Some private mortgage buyers will add a sixth factor, the size of the note's purchase price (Risk). The higher the dollar exposure, the less tolerant they will be on other factors.

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