Top 3 Buying and Selling Notes Questions of a Mortgage Buyer with Answers

2010 January 16

Below are the 3 most asked buying and selling notes questions I get as a mortgage buyer.

1) How does the process of selling a mortgage work? The process is pretty simple. We just get answers to a few questions like the terms of the note, information on the property, information on the mortgage holder’s buyer(s) and what their goals are.

2) Can I sell an unseasoned mortgage note? The answer is yes but unseasoned notes carry a bit more of a discount as we have no history of the buyer paying and paying on time.

3) Does a mortgage buyer check credit on my buyer? Yes, creditworthiness of the buyer is important.

I also get asked if we are land contract buyers. The answer is yes.

I hope these buying and selling notes questions and answers were helpful. For additional questions, call us 7 days a week at 1-877-655-5625.

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