Two Simple Words To Sell A Home Quick

2009 December 17

There are many homeowners desperate to sell their home. many have tried getting a loan modification but have been stonewalled by their lender. There is an option they can use to sell house quick that they may not know about. It’s owner financing. It’s a great possibility if they don’t have a mortgage or very little mortgage. You may even be surprised at the credit quality of many shoppers, particularly self-employed home buyers. Just be sure and read my website hints on creating an owner financed note that a mortgage note buyer will pay good money for. Also, for those home owners with a big mortgage (not under water), there is the possibility (consult an attorney and your lender) of doing what is commonly called a land contract. You can even sell a land contract. The key to land contracts is they allow you to keep your mortgage. Just be sure and check the laws as well as your loan conditions before creating a land contract.

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