Will I get the best price for my private mortgage from a Direct Mortgage Buyer?

2009 October 15

This is an interesting question, particularly since we are a direct mortgage buyer. However, just as in any other business, there are virtually no one stop shops. In the rare business that comes close to being a one stop shop, there will be many items that are not competitively priced. That’s why contacting an private mortgage investor who supplements their mortgage buying with purchases from other private mortgage investors is nearly always the best approach to sell a private mortgage note. As in our mortgage buying situation, this allows someone selling a mortgage access to niche investors that don’t advertise and are nearly impossible to find on the internet. Just think about the various private mortgage notes or as many call it, owner financed mortgage notes. There are private mortgage note holders trying to sell performing mortgages, non-performing mortgages, sell seasoned mortgage notes, sell 2nd mortgages, sell a poor credit mortgage note, just to name a few. So if you’re looking to sell a private mortgage note, be sure you work with a mortgage note buyer who either specializes in your type mortgage note or has access to other private mortgage buyers who are specialists in buying private mortgages like yours.

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