Sell A Partial Note or Private Mortgage – You Will Always get The Best Price From a Mortgage Buyer

2009 October 14

Many private or owner financed mortgage holders wish to sell their full note to a mortgage buyer. In some cases, it works well for them. However, unless the note holder just has to have every dime they can get when selling a note, the best deal (short and long term) for the private mortgage holder is nearly always selling a partial note (aka, selling a portion of a private mortgage). Think about it. Let’s say you want to retire with the help of selling a note. Rather than selling the entire note, why not sell a portion of the note for a nice lump sum. This accomplishes three things, 1) It gives you a very nice lump sum of cash for the note now, 2) Eliminates having to manage or service the private mortgage note, and 3) You have a future lump sum of cash or stream of payments as a nice cushion for a future “rainy day”. It’s perfectly understandable if you need all cash for a private mortgage note, but if you don’t I would suggest looking for a partial note sale.

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